About Us

Our Concept

There are very good reasons to drink coffee, like fine wine the taste, texture and smell of freshly roasted coffee can take you on a journey that  tantalises the taste buds and stimulates your senses.

Every Red Eye single origin coffee has its own personality and can transform
your day with a single sip.

Making flavoursome coffee is easy for us as we love what we do. 
Day in, day out we strive to make every cup of our coffee that you drink a memorable one. Roasting is our love, Coffee is our passion…

picture of the Red Eye coffee roaster log carved in wood

Our Story

Red Eye Coffee Roasters was born from the desire of a group of like-minded coffee aficionados who had a dream to take the laid back west coast of Ireland flavour, colour and vision found in so many local culinary establishments and foodstuffs, and apply the very same to roasting coffee. Coffee so good the smell would permeate the west coast and beyond!!


picture of a Probat coffee roaster

 Our Vision

Roasting from our base on the West Coast of Ireland we are committed to developing and refining our roasting skills by creating some of the best coffees available internationally. We strive to improve every day, from the great feedback our Red Eye café customers give us, to our Barista friends that serve coffee in our wholesale customers.

Our passion for sourcing high quality green beans is just part of what drives our team of coffee devotees. We constantly taste test small samples of green beans to create diverse flavours and a uniqueness that give a whole new dimension to the flavour of coffee. 

Whether you are a wholesale customer or home Barista our aim is to produce coffee of such high quality and consistency that it will take your appreciation to a whole new level.

picture of a man drinking coffee cast in a shadow on the wall

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