14 Tribes

14 Tribes

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14 Tribes - Hacienda San Guayaba, Palencia, Guatemala

Medium Roast, sweet toffee apple

The coffee is grown at an altitude of 1800m. 

Coffee cultivated in Hacienda San Guayaba is very special due to the natural biodiversity, with native trees acting as shade for coffee plants which helps protect the natural environment.

This special honey processed microlot has everything you would associate with a top Guatemalan coffee. The cup is complex with sweet apple and chocolate, leading on to a creamy maple syrup and hazelnut finish. It has a rich body which is coupled with a sweet acidity.  It works well with milk.

Honey Process is less common than wet processed (washed) or natural process (unwashed) but is becoming more usual, especially in farms who want the cleaner cup of coffee but don't have access to significant amounts of water for wet processing. With this option, the coffee cherry is sliced open and the exterior cherry husk is removed from the coffee bean with the mucilage left on for the drying phase. Mucilage with its honey like consistency is what gave birth to the name of this processing method, it results in a sweet, clean flavour to the coffee.

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